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Yeovil Mediumship School plus Spiritual Development Groups

Mediumship workshops and Spiritual Development will give you a practical introduction on how to access and develop your spiritual/psychic awareness. You will learn the essential techniques of protection and grounding and how to sense and work with your chakras, the aura and planet energies.

You will be working within a supportive group to help you achieve inner healing and outer change, focusing on the mind-body link in issues around self-worth, negative life patterns and conditioning with an aim to achieve and desire to help others .

Guided visualisations and exercises will help develop your understanding and confidence in connecting with spirit and bringing through information enabling you to reach into your source and discover who and where you are.

It offers you a tool kit to work for your own personal development and explores the range of spiritual assistance available to each of us. Using a variety of tools (Tarot cards, crystal ball, guided meditation, colour, crystals etc.) All aspects of Mediumship will be covered.

Mediumship workshops and Spiritual Development will assist you in understanding and clearing blockages, enabling you to move forward on your own spiritual journey. The aim is to help you open your full potential and develop your own personal and spiritual confidence, with these abilities providing you support to live life more fully, with greater clarity, spiritual awareness and purpose in order to help others.

Workshops will be held Weekly

Why is it so Affordable? - Why Charge at All?
In today's world of modern technology, thousands of sites offer all sorts of spiritual training and development courses. A course for this and a course for that. It can become confusing and very expensive. Yeovil's Mediumship School plus Development Groups is not about earning money or boosting ego’s.

Our promoters and guest assistants work for spirit.

They have worked for spirit for over thirty years and trained by who we consider to be some of the best mediums in the country. Our promoters are tough task masters and expect only the best from all students. It takes love, dedication and a need and desire to help others. If you meet this criteria and you are willing to work hard, then we guarantee you 100% support in your spiritual quest.

Yeovil's Mediumship School are looking for people who are just willing to give it a go.
If you have little or no experience then this is the group for you, why not come along and try.
These courses will 100% change your life for the better!

There will be LIMITED SPACES and we work on a FIRST COME BASIS.

Telephone now to book your place and for further information.

01935 329030 or 07775 647 267

Promoters - Linda Bassett & Ron Lines